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ABC EdTech Group is the best provider for learning resources that can help your child thrive and grow for a better future.

Based in Hong Kong and China, we have practice worksheets, assessments, personalized books and ebooks available to assist in your academics, career, or personal growth. They’re the perfect tools to learn and have fun with others!

Our Objective Where your dreams get wings to fly

ABC EdTech Group believes that every individual is unique and has their own strengths. Understanding ourselves means understanding these strengths, allowing us to stand out among the masses. So at ABC, we provide the tools that help you unlock your potential and guide you on your learning journey.

Children And Parents

As young as toddlerhood, children begin to read and develop a certain awareness around them, making it the perfect time to gift them fun and educational books. Our personalized books are designed to improve vocabulary and inspire your child's creativity. With ABC books, we aim to nurture children’s love for reading, and help them grow into bolder and confident individuals.

For parents, they are the first teachers in their children’s lives. You can take part in your children’s learning by reading to them our personalized books, enhancing their imagination and wonder. For adults, we also have a wide variety of customizable books and ebooks made especially for you. They provide important and interesting information you may need without having to surf the net.

Children And Parents

From kindergarten to high school, we provide practice worksheets that students can use to better prepare themselves for harder subjects in future grades. Graduating high schoolers will be offered various types of evaluations to help them realize their strengths and determine their edge so that they can intelligently select their choice of university or subjects with a full awareness of their aptitude.

As a parent, it allows you to understand what support and encouragement you can provide to your child.

Children And Parents

Many graduates start to apply for jobs without really knowing themselves. Our evaluation tests are designed to help understand what motivates you and what your attributes say about you. That means you can make the right applications to the industries and types of jobs where you can really succeed.

With ever-increasing competition for the best graduate jobs, employers now use increasingly competitive tools to filter applicants. Using our extensive range of assessment tests, including verbal and numerical reasoning, situational judgement and mechanical reasoning, you can ensure passing any applications tests with flying colors.

Children And Parents

Understanding how you make decisions, and how it differs from your team members, allows you to utilize the different strengths of you and your colleagues. The decisions we make are heavily influenced by the way we think. Reflecting on the assumptions we make, and the actions we are more inclined towards, allows us to perform better in our workplace and make more meaningful contributions to team discussions.

Employees who are more aware of their personality type are more likely to stay calm under pressure, be empathetic towards their team members, and learn from their faults. They’d also be able to lead by example, understand how to settle a conflict efficiently and receive feedback positively.

Children And Parents

Attracting, retaining and engaging your employee base to deliver business results begins with getting the right people into your organization. This used to be about looking at CVs and seeing how an applicant performed at an interview. However, we can now go further than this. By evaluating performance on personality and competence assessments, we can help you overcome unconscious bias and ensure those you offer positions to are the most suited for their roles.

Building a team with the right mix of personality characteristics is crucial. Increasing the teams’ awareness of the personality type of other members can create a more functional and cohesive team atmosphere. More diverse teams are repeatedly shown to lead to higher productivity results.


Our services are based on our founding principles: excellence, honesty, integrity and the pursuit of knowledge.

In line with this, our assessments, test preps and practice worksheets are meticulous, high quality, and, at their core, focused on giving students the information needed to make the best decisions. Our personalized books and ebooks are informative and fun, created to foster interest and a joy for reading.

Our people-centric philosophy is that each individual is unique and distinctive. We lead individuals to discover and develop their unique traits – the points upon which they are truly remarkable.

We are passionate and care about our mission to education and improve as many kids as we can, as well as continually advancing our educational assessments and books to ensure that they remain market leading. We are constantly striving to learn and improve with what we do.