ABC About us

Overview of the Team

We are a start-up company comprised of a team of personal development coaches, career planning specialists, and experienced education experts who assist in the assessments and pre-tests, as well as graphic designers and writers who create our masterful personalized books and ebooks. We are passionate about helping children foster the interest in learning and aspire to help them realize their potential

Our goal is to be the means for children to have wings to dream.


Our Vision

We envision to be the source where childhood learning can be fun, accessible and affordable to all. We strive to be the platform that can enlighten students, graduates and workers their strengths and weaknesses so that they may be able to make the right decisions for a better future.


Our Mission

Our mission is to give children, students and graduates access to the best resources available, allowing them to understand themselves and make full use of their talented capabilities.

Our Partners

ABC EdTech Group works with the most innovative and experienced partners across the world, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality for our customers.