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Are you a creative producer who wants to share your outputs to the world but have no idea how? Do you have a story waiting to be told? If so, ABC EdTech Group is looking exactly for people like you. We are open to submissions of stories that you’d like to sell through our website. If you’re interested, please carefully read the instructions below. Submissions that do not correspond to our guidelines will not be considered.

Subject matter

  • We will only select books that are rated for the general public and are especially kid-friendly. This includes children’s books, easy to learn books, books informing or describing interesting facts about daily life. We do not accept books rated any higher than the general rating. Please do not submit stories that do not relate to ABC EdTech Group’s vision and mission which can be found in Our Story and Why Read ABC Books
  • Topic selection

  • Prior to submission, please review our book collection on the ABC EdTech Group website to get an idea of the type of books we publish, and to ensure you are not duplicating a story we have already covered.
  • Style

  • Submissions must already be well-edited and ready to publish, otherwise we do not accept submissions that require heavy editing. In other words, please submit polished work.
  • Originality

  • We will only publish books exclusive to ABC EdTech Group and are not published elsewhere. Excerpts on your own social media or blog are fine.
  • You may submit excerpts or the complete finished work. If you’re submitting an excerpt, please note that we can advise you if it will likely to be successful, however we cannot guarantee that we will accept the submission until we review the completed book.

    If we cannot accept your submission, we will notify you promptly.

    Once you have reviewed the guidelines above, please use the form below to submit your excerpt or full story.

    Upload Your Photo

    It may take up to a week or two before hearing feedback. Once we approve of your work, we will notify you and add your book into our collection. For more information about working with us, we will email the details to you.

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