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Once upon a time...
A mother had a son. She went to buy him book, so that he can have some fun. But there were little options, And the mother wanted more. she said, "I"ll do it myself." And ABC EdTech Group born.

It all began with a strong sprout of inspiration that grew into something life-changing. Because we noticed a certain lack of children’s books in China, we at ABC EdTech Group decided it was time for a change. We wanted to introduce to kids the magic of reading, how one can learn new and exciting things by just a flip of a page. To nurture their love for reading, our writers and graphic designers have created eye-catching graphics and compelling storylines to capture your child’s imagination. With our personalized books, your child can realize their own uniqueness and importance, allowing them to grow further in confidence.

Not only that, ABC EdTech Group strives to provide for adults too. Since the web is full of information that not a lot of people can access, we decided to share our knowledge through easy and efficient ways. Our ABC books can range from your favorite hobbies, travel and food to the interesting facts about health, business and inventions. We want to help create lifelong memories for both adults and children alike.

We do this because we care. ABC EdTech Group is here for you.

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